Monday, March 05, 2007

Announcing: Riot Karaoke Tour 2007

For immediate release:

Riot is proud to announce the Riot Karaoke Tour 2007: Don't Quit Your Day Job

We've purchased a karaoke machine with all the trimmings, and hit up some of our favorite sponsors for some great prizes.

This tour will stop at major kayaking festivals and events throughout the year, giving YOU the opportunity to make a complete fool out of yourself in front of your peers, all the while earning a chance to win sweet prizes, t-shirts, pictures with myself, and more.

Spencer Cooke, the man behind the Riot Karaoke Tour, spent minutes coming up with the perfect plan to bring further humiliation to the kayaking masses.

When asked what inspired him to dream up this series of events, Cooke remarked:
"Well, Chris Gragtman's and I were running shuttle one day, and Chris began to sing 'The Greatest Love of All' to me in its entirety. His version of Whitney's masterpiece was simply breathtaking, and it got me to thinking 'What OTHER undiscovered vocal talents are out there amongst the paddling community?'"

The following sponsors have graciously agreed to provide fabulous prizes:

And here's some sponsors who didn't help very much:

So start watching American Idol, take notes, practice in the car or shower, and get ready to belt out your favorite tunes.

The finale of the tour will feature Chris Gragtmans himself singing the greatest hits of Whitney Houston at the 2007 AW Gauley Festival! Do NOT miss it!

Confirmed Riot Karaoke Tour 2007 dates:
NAWF March 9-11
USNWC Race May 4
Potomac Festival July 13-15
Gauley Festival Sept 21-23

More dates will be announced soon!


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