Tuesday, March 27, 2007

800% Green Photos

Hello ladies and germs...
After a very long, uneventful month of desert style dryness, the skies finally opened up. A couple days went by and Toby Macdermott, Chris Gragtmans, Adam Secrest and I drove to the ravens fork which had unfortunately dropped out really quick. After seeing the low level we decided to go to the horsepasture. After a very fast run on the horsepasture, and a long hike-out I was only half an hour late to work. The next day, Gragglesmoke called me up for some highwater green. We were hoping for maybe 400%-500%. When we got to the take-out we could see pretty quickly that it was way over 500%. We estimated it to be around 800%, and decided to hike in and look at the rapids.
Posing before the steep drop-in. (Photo: Chris Gragtmans)

Groove Tube (Alas, this photo was the last color photo my camera ever took. Time for a new camera).

Deadly pocket in Nutcracker

Gragtmans in awe

Gorilla and the slides.

Scream Machine

Gorilla, aka King Kong.

The Notch. One giant seam

Chief's. No piton hazard at this level.

Two-foot high Zwick's (Photo: Chris Gragtmans)

Go Left and die.

Gotta love those goofy canadians... (Photo: Chris Gragtmans)

And some shots by Ryan Moore a week later...
Round 1

Round 2

Rock-star eddy

Scream Machine

Round 3

Scream Machine

Rapid Transit


Ryan, you da man... thanks for those pics.

Silsbee signing out,
Flow Rider

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