Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Southeastern update: Toxaway, Raven's, Green...

Shabot shalom folks... just wanted to share some pics, video, and random comments on some stuff that's been going on in the Southeast.

First of all, check out this shot of Spencer Cooke. This is him and his new son, Mason Spencer Cooke, at his house. This picture is awesome, and I'm so excited for Spence and Shari.

I don't get to paddle too much with Spence anymore, but he can always be counted on to come off the couch and run some sick stuff... like the Toxaway at a middle of 0 level(high water). This run is my favourite creek on earth, and I was fortunate enough to meet Spencer, Brad Kee, Dylan Bruce, and Nathan Silsbee out here for a post-class run back in the beginning of December.

The Toxaway putin... bedrock heaven.

Spence at the bottom of the putin slide. (photo by Nathan Silsbee)

Kee boofing in the upper boogie section. This ledge is in the middle of like a half mile of continuous beautiful slides!

Dylan charging into Minigizer, and making the veterans look bad on his first run down!

The Toxaway certainly has a big reputation in the kayak world, but it's impossible to do it justice with photos, video, or explanation... you've just got to go there to understand.

Nathan committed to the Energizer...

Dylan running the feeding trough, while Spence takes pictures. (photo by Nathan Silsbee)

I love this picture, Kee's about to drop off of the Landbridge rock onto a richter fast trough of water and then down a gigantic slide... he looks pretty relaxed.

This rapid is one of the best ever, these shots show the scale of that top curler... Dropping off the bridge.

About to whiteout, and then fall another 40+ feet!

Silsbee flying out of the curler and about to drop down the cascade.

And just downstream is this beautiful rapid...

Dylan and Nathan stuck every single line, and were stoked to be there!

**Check out more pictures from this trip on the photo gallery.**

The Toxaway is the shizbomb, and it's always been a dream of mine to run it and another class 5 run in the area, the Horsepasture, in one day. I finally accomplished this with Trip Jennings and some other Richmond boys on December 23rd. We met at 6:00 AM at the Toxaway putin, checked the gauge by flashlight, and paddled incredible whitewater all day long! Possibly the best day of paddling of my life, and I think Trip will have a trip report and photos on the Epicocity Blog.

Green Race 2006 was definitely an experience... It's the best kayaking event in the world and will get any kayaker's blood pumping. Truly incredible. The Gorilla had my number on that day, with a spin into speed trap on each of my runs, but I'll be back next year, charging even harder! Here's a headcam video of an early fall training run on the Green. Check it out HERE. Gotta love the skin to the wind runs on the Green! Chris Harjes I can't thank you enough for the use of your beautiful red Tornado... cheers bro.

The Raven's Fork has also seen a bunch of action this fall, which has been way cool. I think I've gotten eight runs on it since summer, and it's great taking new faces down that beast.

Nathan Silsbee on Headless Horseman. (photo by Jared Seiler)

The infamous Big Boy waterfall- definitely saw some action this year.

Committed and rolling off the lip.

**Courtesy of Nick Urquhart. Thanks bro!**

Alright, well that's all I've got folks, good lines and see you on the river.

-Chris Gragtmans

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Anonymous said...

hells of sick, CG! you are like the helmet-cam jedi master of the universe .. nice job. you need to come out here & helmet-cam the little white & ernies .. & tatlow.