Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Magic Trick Technique

Hey everyone, my name is Alan Young. My home river is the Saluda; which has my favorite play spot “pop up hole”. Pop up is best between 4,100 and 4,500 CFS, The Saluda also has some nice waves and a really fun rapid called Mills Race .

I am sixteen years old, and a sophomore at Airport High School in West Columbia, South Carolina. I have been paddling for about four years. Recently I was added to Team Riot.

I have been paddling the Astro 58. I really have enjoyed paddling this boat it is great in the hole especially when looping. I am five feet nine inches and onehundred and fifty pounds so the Astro 58 is a large boat for someone my size. The Astro is made for a paddler much larger than myself but I enjoy the larger boat with more volume because it goes really big in verticle hole moves.
I have been doing a trick that is really fun and cool to watch. I call it the Magic Trick.

You start by getting on top of the hole on the back of the foam pile.

Once you get on the back of the pile you need to gather speed as you come down toward the green water. Once you reach the green water push the bow down as hard as possible, (like a loop) this will give you the pop you need to get in the air.

Once the boat starts to pop up out of the water, stand up on the foot pegs, and bring your paddle up to your face.

Then, once the boat is vertical, throw your paddle out and forward. Be sure to throw them far enough up stream that you don’t land on them. At the same time as you throw your paddle curl forward and push your heels down and back as hard as possible to complete the rotation.

Once you feel the stern of the boat hit the water put your arms out from your sides to steady your self and sit up quickly. While you are doing all of this, your paddle if thrown correctly will have been floating back down stream and in to the hole.

Immediately after landing look around to see where your paddle has gone. Then comes the magic, reach down in to the foam pile and feel around for your paddle, if you catch it paddle quickly to make sure you keep the trick retentive.

It takes a lot of practice, a lot of paddle chasing, and a little luck, but it definitely gives everyone in the eddy something cool to watch.

Until next time happy paddling.

Alan Young

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