Thursday, July 03, 2008

Rusher Photo in Newsweek

OK... so I'm new to the whole blog thing and I'm really good at taking photos on my trips and then letting them sit on my hard drives. I'm going to try to remedy that but just so everyone knows I'm a little behind. Don't worry, ill keep it within the last year or so! The other thing that hinders my posts is the all the writing... I'm a better kayaker and photographer than a writer. So... I'm hoping to stick to the "a picture is worth a thousand words" theory for now and at lest start putting up some small trip reports, session photos and other random Riot related stuff!

with all that said... I had a small photo of me published in Newsweek Magazine. The photo was shot in Laos by Trask McFarland and it accompanied a review on the Vio helmet cam that we used down there ( Its not everyday i can tell my mom to go get a copy of Newsweek and see a photo of me! Supposedly there was a Japanese version we never got our hands on... anyways, kind of cool...


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