Monday, April 21, 2008

NZ: South Island Video Update

Greetings, my peoples of this ball of muck we call earth!!! I'd like to invite you to share the people, scenery, rivers and good times of a land far, far away in a wee place we like to call New Zealand. In particular the South Island of New Zealand...

Yours truely dropping into the tasty goodness of Nevis Bluff on the Kawarau River.

What you are about to witness is the second installment in a series of video journals hosted by Rapid Transit Video, that document my travels down here in NZ. The aim of these videos is to share the best kayaking New Zealand has to offer. In this South Island flick we travel to Hokitika...the Heli-Whitewater-Boat-Ridin' Capital of the World, as well as of the most gorgeous places I've ever been, and finish in Queenstown on the mighty Kawarau River...which contains the best high volume rapid ridin' on the South Island. (And is actually where I paddled again today!!!)

You may also view this and other Rapid Transit videos at the free video podcast. Either use the Podcast link on the RT web site or go to iTunes and search for Rapid Transit.

I'd like to thank all the rockin cats who I've paddled with, who have been patient and let me point my video camera at them! As well as everyone who have let me/ us crash on their floor, given rides or just provided hospitality! Cheers!!! Also big ups to Spencer Cooke who has been a tremendous help in every way, including editing the footy. And CHEERS to New Zealand for being such an awesome place!

Keep an eye on my blog, Downstream Movement, which will continue to be updated with pictures and stories from the trip, including all the rivers and good times shown in the video.

Until next time, this has been the captian speaking, reminding you to fasten you seal belts when riding in dragonflys.


-Cooper Lambla

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