Monday, August 20, 2007

Cheesman Canyon and Yule Creek

Hello Folks! Hope all is going well in the whitewater world. We had a pretty good summer out west, and now I'm back in the southeast paddling the green off and on. While we were out there, we met a lot of cool coloradonians, who made our trip go a lot smoother! Whether it be showing us down the mankety-mank or letting us crash on their couches, these guys really helped us out. Eli Loper in Vail, Nate Brown in Boulder, Evan Stafford and Kyle McKutchen. (Check out their bad-ass colorado guide book here: Also thanks to Nic Vanderhoof in Glenwood, the Wavesport guys, and whoever else I'm forgetting.

We were lucky enough to get on Cheesman canyon, which is very rarely run as the access issues are pretty tight. As we put on, the stories of rock-throwing fishermen and photo shooting old men lingered in our minds. One incompetent police officer, and one photo-shooting old man later, we began paddling down one of the most beautiful rivers I've ever run.

The famous Dave Finney demonstrating a perfect rudder.

The entrance to "double undercut" or something like that.


Sitting in the blazing hot sun at the take-out

Yule Creek was probably the highlight of the trip for me... It was absolutely gorgeous, with huge waterfalls, crazy steep scree slopes, and crystal clear water.

Go HERE for more photos from Yule.
Stay tuned, we have lots of good video and more photos from the trip. Be safe out there,


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