Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Twin Falls Riot Juniors First D

Well it’s was a bright and sunny Friday afternoon I had just driven four hours from Rochester New York to Lehighton Pennsylvania. I am with Junior Riot Team member Danny Doran; we are sitting in our second weekend of our ACA certification class. I am listening to our instructor talking about all the ins and outs of ACA insurance when behind me I hear in a whispering voice “holy crap that was huge”. Danny Doran who is sitting behind me just received a movie message from fellow Junior Riot Team member Aaron Roney. Danny taps me on the shoulder and says, “We need to run this”. I tell him “be quite and learn something”. After about fourof class lecture the instructor calls it a night. Danny goes to me right away and said, ”Will you freaking look at this, and we need to go home”.

I watched a 30 second video clip of Aaron running a huge slide that seemed to go on forever. He nailed a first D that I have been looking at for the past 8 to 10 years. I new it was good to go but I just never was able to catch it at the right water level. So to make a long story short we finished our class and met up with Aaron Roney and his friend Matt Simpson couple days later in Avon New York to run the drop while it was on its way out.

This drop was really straight up a couple of multiple boof ledges with a mix of slides. This location was real tuff to shoot film on so I just shot the center section because it was so walled in. These young guys ran it over and over; they did about 10 laps on it, before they got tired. The carry back up was crazy; it took a lot of teamwork and muscle to get fro the bottom to the top.

The landowners where super cool about us using their property as long as we do not tell the world where it is located. Sorry for not offering any beta. Here is a short video of Aaron Roney in a Magnum, Danny Doran in a Thunder, and Matt Simpson in a Booster 50 (the booster is still killing it).


See you on the water

Paul Twist

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