Monday, December 11, 2006

Sandstone Falls

Sandstone Video

Good evening

Up until a week ago, we were happy. There was rain and water, and everyone was skipping around singing with gum drop smiles on their faces. And then the water left us. We haven't seen nary a drop of water in the past week, and our smiles have turned upside down. We thought the thrill was gone, but as we found out, we just had to look elsewhere.

Hinton, WV, is an old coal mining town located on the banks of the New river. While the town is exciting and all that, the real attraction lies a few miles south on the New river: Sandstone falls. Sandstone is actually a geological anomaly. For miles and miles, the New is full of class none whitewater, and then just North of Hinton, there is a river-wide class five waterfall. Truly exciting.

Sandstone falls has a drop for everyone: everything from clean, low volume waterfalls to not-so-clean big water drops. And the best part-- it's there all the time. The new always has water in it, so sandstone will always be there for your hucking pleasures.

To take a break from finals, Dave Finney, Robin Betz, and Eric "The Tulip" Chance packed up and drove an hour north to do some hucking.

Here are some pictures and video from our glorious adventure.
All photos by Robin Betz and Dave Finney

-Dave Finney

Chance addin some wood to make the drop more challenging

Hikin' up to do it again

Eric "The Tulip" and Robin Betz givin'er a look see

Robin Betz makin movie magic

Dave Finney

Dave Finney

The Tulip

The Tulip

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