Monday, November 06, 2006


The 2006 Green Narrows Race is over yet the adrenaline pumping through the blood of 126 racers is not. It was a beautiful sunny day, and crowds of people lined the banks of the river. (Photo: Doug Silsbee)

One person per minute are released from the top to challenge the rapids of the Green. It is a delicate balance of conserving your energy for the biggies yet paddling hard enough to get a decent time... Here is a photo of Gragtmans digging deep in the last stretch of the race. (Photo: Casey Jones)

It has been confirmed: The Magnum is not only an amazing kayak that is incredibly forgiving, and boofs like a charm... It's fast as hell too. Team Riot had great finishes, taking 3 out of the top 6 slots in the shortboat division.

* Results * (Click Here for Full Results and Overall Placement)

---Pat Keller won the Green Race---

Top 5 Longboat:

1. Pat Keller (Dagger Tank) 4:36
2. Andrew Holcombe (Dagger Tank) 4:38
3. Tommy Hilleke (Prijon Tornado) 4:41
4. Chris Gragtmans (Prijon Tornado) 4:43
5. Toby MacDermott (Prijon Tornado) 4:48

Top 5 Shortboat:

1. Pat Keller (Dagger Nomad) 4:54
2. Andrew Holcombe (Dagger Nomad) 5:01
3. Jonathin Shanin (Prijon Hercules) 5:07
4. Coop-a-loop Lambla (Riot Magnum) 5:09
5. Nathan Silsbee (Riot Magnum) 5:11
5. Chris Gragtmans (Riot Magnum) 5:11

Handpaddler Champ:
Keith Sprinkle (Prijon Tornado) 5:28

Ladies' Champ:
Andria Baldovin (Pyranha Creek 280) 6:26

C1 Champ:
Scott McCluskey (Dagger Cascade) 5:06

Some other numbers of interest from Green Race day:
16 swimmers!!!
126 Racers
1 dude in a chicken suit
200-Prize money I won from betting on Jonathin Shanin. Thanks buddy
1-Number of men hanging from ziplines and shooting footage. See
11-Years the Green Race has been around
A $%&# load- The number of Green Races that are still to come.

Here is a shot of Cooper bombing down Scream Machine. Coop got a better time in his Magnum then he did in his long boat. That's just how Cooper rolls... (Photo: Leland Davis)

Here is David Finney spanking the gorilla. He did well for not knowing all the race lines. All that McCoys training paid off. (Photo: Casey Jones). (Click for McCoys)

This is me off the lip of the pad... (Photo: Doug Silsbee. Nice job geezer!)

A shot of myself sprinting just below Gorilla (Photo: Casey Jones)

Chris Gragtmans showing how it's done. Gragtmans has been working hard on his eskimo roll in the Warren Wilson pool. (Photo: Casey Jones)

Here is a shot of one of the head to head heats. I won this one with Coop just behind me for second. (Photo: Casey Jones).

The Race was a huge success, and the party afterwards was awesome! I can't wait until next year...
Here is someone jumping over the fire at the Liquidlogic party. ( Photo: Caroline Moon)

See ya on the river,

-Nathan Silsbee

Now, Coop's Commentary:
It's the local run with all the local bros, fighting for local
bragging rights . This year's Green Race saw more racers, more
spectators, and more competition than ever. Team Riot showed up big
at the event claiming half the top six spots in the short boat class,
and the top two spots in the head-to-head (Nate your going down next
time.) Chris G claimed another top five spot overall, and all went
home with a perma-smile. For more event coverage go to...

Check yourself before you wreck yourself, Cause dis be Coopa Lambla
sayin' Big up yourself.



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