Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I love Norway

It was nice and warm...

Unlike last year, this time water levels everywhere were low, except glacier-rivers that were flooding due to high temperatures. We were blessed by great weathers. If there was rain, it came down quickly and with power. Road from Sjoa to Voss was closed for a couple of hours, because a short heavy rain caused landslides. Still waterlevels were low.

Dropping into unknown, Gaustaelva, Sweden

Kultsjoan, Sweden

There was a tragic accident during Sjoa festival. A kayaker drowned in Amot gorge. I didn't know the kayaker, but still it feels awful. Other than that, the Sjoa river festival was awesome!

Sogndalselva, Juho

We are cowards.Thats why we are managed to save ourselves from big carnage, but Sogndalselva and Tora were the places we messed up lines. On Sogndalselvas famous triple drop our group member Tuomas Vaarala flipped on the first drop, came down the slide upside down and rolled up just before the final drop. I was behind the camera and got big laughs. On the last drop his brother Juho Vaarala hit the rocks at the bottom, his boats footbraces broke and his feet slipped behind them. Boat got some injuries also, but the man himself is OK.

Tuomas Vaarala decided that this is a great place to practise combat roll...

I decided to run the last slide on Tora and wanted to do a little warm up and run a smaller and easier slide upstream. I didn't concentrate on my line at all, paddled into undercut above the slide, flipped and came down the slide upside down and backwards. Good lesson. But I styled the harder and bigger last slide =D



Have fun!
Mikael Lantto

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